UX UI Design for Games and XR
Pushkar is an expert UX UI designer in the realms of XR (Extended Reality), encompassing VR, AR, Games and other immersive media applications. With two decades of design experience and a strong background in product, UX, and UI design, Pushkar excels in crafting captivating XR experiences, tailored for mobile and XR platforms. His notable achievements include shipping AAA VR games like Doom 3 VR for PSVR and the recent success of "Journey to Foundation" on platforms like Meta Quest, PSVR2, and Pico, with outstanding reviews.

In his current role as the Head of Design at a startup, Pushkar leads the development of tools for creating immersive roleplay VR games without code, serving as the Principal Product Designer and Product Owner on a small but talented team. His dedication to user-centric design, a systematic approach, and continuous learning positions him as a leader in the dynamic XR product design field, known for delivering cutting-edge XR experiences that captivate users.

Take a look at some of Pushkar’s XR UX UI Design work ︎