Transport 2050 — VR Experince

How to share the vision of future transport?

Translink Comuters
PNE Fair Visitors
Vancouver Residents

UX Designer
UI Designer

Video Editor
Product Owner
Unity 3D
Adobe After effects, Photoshop,
XD & Illustrator
Sketch & Invision
Digital Whiteboard
Chance Archiact Team

Transport 2050 is a transport showcase at the PNE fair championed by Translink in Vancouver. The focus of the event is to get the dialogue started for the future of transport in Vancouver for the next 30 years targeting the year 2050. Our task was to share a possible vision of this future & get the Translink commuters excited.


To create an engaging vision of future transport for Greater Vancouver.

We created two distinct branched naratives in VR for people to experience. The outcome changes based on the interactive choices made in the experience.

Narrative 1: eCar + eBike ride.

Narrative 2: Skytrain + eBike ride.

I folowed a simple Design thinking process:

After getting the brief from the client 1st step was to create 2 distinctive Personas for the project:

Next step was to create a step by step storyboard.

User Interface recreated in Unity3D


Complete Casestudy coming soon...

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