Slots In De Nile - VR Game

How to create VR slots for casual gamers?

Casual Gamers
Slots Players
Oculus Go Owners

UX Designer
UI Designer

Video Editor
Product Owner
Unity 3D
Adobe After effects, Photoshop,
XD & Illustrator
Sketch & Invision
Miro Digital Whiteboard
Chance Archiact Team

OculusGO is a latest portable VR headset that is taking the VR world by a storm. We set out to create an immersive VR game, that will be a benchmark when it comes to casual slots game in VR. It is currently the highest rated slots game currently on  the Oculus store, enjoying 4.5/5 rating & stellar user reviews.


To create an immersive Slots experince in VR for casual gamers.



Slots in De Nile currently enjoys a 5 Star rating on Oculus store


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