Slots In De Nile — VR App

How create VR slots for casual gamers?

Casual Gamers
Slots Players
Oculus Go Owners

UX Designer
UI Designer

Video Editor
Product Owner
Unity 3D
Adobe After effects, Photoshop,
XD & Illustrator
Sketch & Invision
Miro Digital Whiteboard
Chance Archiact Team

OculusGO is a latest portable VR headset that is taking the VR world by a storm. We set out to create an immersive VR game, that will be a benchmark when it comes to casual slots game in VR. It is currently the highest rated slots game currently on  the Oculus store, enjoying 4.5/5 rating & stellar user reviews.


To create an immersive Slots experince on OculusGo VR headset for casual gamers.


Case Study coming soon...