Take a look at some of the references I have recieved from my colleagues.


Founder at Reactiv
Pushkar led the design of a VR game prototype for a startup project, and did an excellent job. He was able to provide a great framework to design the game, but was open to adapting it for the needs of a startup. He is creative and well versed in UX for VR. His communication was very clear and frequent, and he was proactive to own the work and move it forward quickly. I would be very glad to work with him again.


Software Engineer at This Game Studio
Pushkar is an experienced UX Designer with a well-rounded background, giving him a uniquely broad perspective. He's an extremely friendly person, and he's always willing to talk about interesting topics if you give him a chance.


Creative Director at McCann
It’s easy for me to recommend Pushkar since I have worked as his Copy partner for quite a while at Brandcom and DDB. He always had a 100 ideas every minute and was an absolute treat to work with. Best of all was his calm demeanour that made our working experience not only productive and great, but also enjoyable.

︎RUCHDI RARAGIGroup Account Director at DDB 


Some say that he has 1000 vintage cameras and that he sleeps with one each night while the other 999 watch. Some say that his cool and chilled demeanor is caused by his unparalleled hate towards brand logos, as he has to take 10 Xanax pills before putting one on his layouts and 10 after being asked to enlarge it.  Despite the "rumors" above, I had a great time working with Pushkar. What stood out to me the most was that his creative ideas were always fresh, relevant and up to date with what's happening in the market and globally.  He was definitely a great asset and a main part of the engine in Lipton's creative engine.  Wish you all the best buddy wherever you go - keep on rocking : )

Director at CA Communications

Pushkar is a great guy to work with! We were a good team at ideating, often knocking heads when it came to the final communication, but all in all, he helped me create some of the most memorable communication. All said and done, Pushkar was a great asset to the team with exceptional thinking and ideation that deserves kudos to his work. He is a dedicated and meticulous art director who can truly make a difference to the team.

Writer (Cape Town/Dubai)
I have worked with Pushkar at both Brandcom and DDB. He is an extremely talented Art Director for whom ideas come very easily and is a pleasure to work with. He's also a good team player and has strong leadership capabilities. I highly recommend him.


Regional brand Manager at Kellogs 

Pushkar is a good creative person. He does very well at conceptualizing great ideas and then executing them, taking into account all the details.

Head of Strategy at Dentsu One - Kuala Lumpur

Pushkar was meticulous, creative and jovial. He was one of those creative people you actually enjoyed briefing and interacting with. He would ask the right questions, signalling his desire to learn more about the job at hand. You always felt he was a genuine team player. His work was always par excellence and clients appreciated it.

Executive Creative Director at Bates 141

I found Pushkar to be diligent and serious about his work, as well as possessing the talent to come up with effective and award-winning ideas time and again. From the start, it was clear that he was an advertising professional to watch, and I have no doubt that, before long, he will go even further in his career.