My Story

Pushkar & Oreo

Hi, I am Pushkar. This is story of my life.

I am a Product, UX UI Lead Designer currenty working for one of the biggest VR AR studios in Canada. I recently worked on Doom3VR, it was launched in march 2021 on PSVR platform. My team builds cutting edge games, experiences & innovative business solutions using AR & VR technology. Im currentlyworking on 2 undisclosed VRAR projects.

I moved to Vancouver to pursue my Master's Degree in Digital Media (MDM)  at Centre for Digital Media in Vancouver, Canada. I am a problem solver at heart, and passionate about Mixed reality and Digital design, I believe that with the right combination of design and tech we can solve most of our world problems.

I was born in one of the craziest and most inspirational city of Bombay, India. I studied Design & Comminication and recived BFA (Bachelor of Fine arts) at JJ Institute of Applied arts. After working in Bombay for a few years, I moved to Dubai UAE. 

I have been lucky enough to have traveled to over 91 cities around the world. My most prized posessions are the souvinier T-shirts I pickup at every new city I visit. I am an avid photgrapher and a film camera collector, I have 19 film cameras in my collection so far. I am a self procraimmed Sci-fi, Anime and foreign film junkie, A new media geek, certified PADI Advance Scuba Diver and Inline Skater.

I also teach design at SFU & VFS.

A recent Interview took an in-depth look at My journey ︎︎︎

Other Interests
Mixed Reality
Game Design
Augemented Reality
Inline skating

Cities visited

Map of cities i have travelled so far



High School

Bachelors Degree -BFA 




Digital Design
Travel, Scuba Diving



Masters Degree -MDM
VR Game Design
Teaching VR AR Design & Data viz
Doom 3 VR
Adventure Continues...