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How to add more life to  a video calling device?

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WeHead Dev team
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We Head is a special robotics video call device. A startup developing a spatial video communication device for hosts to perceive remote guests naturally in three dimensions and for guests to immerse in real meeting space. My task was to make the base video call product experience seamless and easy to use.
Next step is to extend the product functionality to integrate AI generated avataars for video call.


Make the video call seamless for We Head Device. Research and implement AI generated avataars for video calls.

I followed a simple Design Thinking process to arrive at a simple but elegant solution.


We defined the user and usecase space and competition of existing Video calls and AI generated avataars for video calls.

We Head, a robotic device has no direct compepetion 
But, the AI generated video calling space has been steadily growing from a Blue Ocean space to a Red Ocean space in a matter of just 8-16months in 2023.

I benchmarked all current video calling platforms based on scale of Modalities  (Text-to-speech to Voice recognition and AI usage) and Realism (Low to ultrarealistic)
We identified an area of challenge and opportunity for product developement.

Current available AI based video calls with avataar. Categorised them as: 
Ai: Speech to text
Ai: Text to video
Ai: Text to video
Ai: Voice to video

I then mapped all available AI based video calls with avataar on a Uncanny Valley scale of Low(Good) to High(Not Good/Creepy)

We arrived at Mobile app for Android and iOS format supported by a web applicationas the best mediom for the product.


User flow shared below:


1. User research
2. UX Flow

3. Design system
4. UI Kit

We Head Client - Dev Handoff

1. User research
User flow detailed with Happy user path(Green), also showing error states(Red).

2. UX Flow: Sending a video message to A We Head device.

3. Design system library with UI Kit detailes



We stared with the mobile version and are continuing to build a web interface next