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How to take an  Iconic First person  shooter to VR?

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Our goal was to bring the Iconic DOOM3 First person shooter to VR, that is everything the fans love & expect. Create VR game, that will be a benchmark in the category on PlayStation VR.  It was launched in March 2021 on the PlayStation store. Aim controller brings the immersive Diegetic UX and UI Experience, that makes player feel and live as the Doom Marine.


To take the iconic Doom4 to PSVR and create an thrilling immersive experince that fans love & expect.

Working closely with the Creative director I proposed a Diegetic UI approach, for a more immersive experience in the game. It helped us create a much-loved sense of presence in VR.

We created this wrist device working closely with ID and Betehseda Teams. Goal was to create a wrist-mounted device to keep players appraised with critical information about their vitals. It's on their wrist so the player can get details on demand in heat of a demon battle, with just a glance.

We had some great reviews. But this particular one made me really happy. 

“There is something about being so immersed in virtual reality that is hard to explain, I felt like I was ‘there’,”

-PSU Doom3VR Review

As a UX Designer for VR, this is as good as it gets.
Presence & Immersion: Done ✅

Doom 3 VR currently has a User rating of 7.3/10 & overall rating of 67/100 on Metacritic ︎


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