Deep Space Battle — VR Game

How to create an immersive space shooter in VR?

Casual Gamers
Shooter fans 
Oculus Go Owners

UX Designer
UI Designer

Video Editor
Narrative Writer
Unity 3D
Adobe After effects, Photoshop,
XD & Illustrator
Sketch & Invision
Miro Digital Whiteboard
Chance Archiact Team

Our goal was to create the most thrilling & immersive space shooter in VR game, that will be a benchmark in the category on Oculus GO. It is a 3DOF VR headset that is seen as an emerging platform for Casual VR enthusiast. It was launched in January 2020 on the Oculus go store.


To create an thrilling immersive Space Shooter VR game for OculusGo.


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