BoidsAR— iOS App

How to make AR fun and active?

Fun loving
Aduts & kids
UX Designer
Product Owner
UI Designer
Adobe XD
Unity 3D
Hector A - Developer
Marco C -Project Manager

BoidsAR is an fun iOS app that explores Boids, an artificial life program, developed by Craig Reynolds in 1986, which simulates the flocking behaviour of birds. A live version was created for a AR/VR event using XBox Kinnect. 

Boids AR - iOS app
AR app allows users to pic a unique pattern on the bird.  Swiping up lets you bird join the flock. Its fun to folow your bird as its joins the flockig birds to form murmarations.
Users can summon the bird back if they wish & change the pattern.

Boids AR - Kinect instalation
Live installation using Xbox Kinect was setup for a VR/AR carnival event in Vancouver. 


I folowed a simple Design Thinking process to arrive at a simple but elegant solution.

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